My trajectory

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to Massachussetts in 2010 after deciding to pursue a career change and apply for Graduate School at Lesley University. In Brazil I left both my parents, one brother, a niece, a nephew, inumerous extended family members and friends. Immigration has multiple layers of excitement, loss, opportunities, accomplishments and also loneliness. It's a constant search for belonging - you not quite here, and you are definitely not there. 

The U.S. brought me so much joy! Here I married and had my two children, completed graduate school and had my first job in Mental Health, met people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, learned a new language, made new friends. I am forever grateful.

From Brazil I bring my love for people, gatherings, celebrations and all forms of human connection. I come from a large family descending from such a mixed heritage (Italian, Natives, Hungarian & Portuguese) and I'm passionate about all aspects involving culture, values, diversity and the process of Identity formation.

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my husband,  two children and our dog Benji, enjoy the outdoors as much as possible (well, it's New England!), meet with my closest friends for coffee and long talks, sing around the house often causing some annoyance (ops!), watch movies, series and read books about the beauty and mystery of the human mind.

I live in the Metrowest of Boston with my husband and two children.